LED Fresh lights

LED Fresh Light, cleverly designed, using the fourth-generation LED light source combined with the traditional lighting, highly efficient heat transfer technology, excellent lighting, high brightness low power consumption, almost no maintenance costs and other advantages in one. Energy saving in line with international requirements, to fully meet the requirements of green lighting, enjoy the new low-carbon life.
LED Fresh Light, fresh food specifically for lighting design, by blending design principles, showing an unparalleled lighting effects, improve the fresh food to attract customers; use of cold light source technology, light does not contain infrared and ultraviolet light, effectively extending the raw the shelf life of fresh foods.
Lighting in the food, especially important to emphasize the quality and freshness of the product, the right lighting design should be accurate by design, materials sufficient to show the inherent color, make them look even more delicious. This is the “honest” use of light, instead of “polish.”
Food display food store, be sure to emphasize the freshness of all our products. Light as an important promotional tool, it should be perfectly prominent feature color of the food. High color rendering of the light source and the “right” light color enables display of color-accurate display of food without it distorted. Another consideration is the critical properties of the food itself, their sensitivity to heat, infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) and the like.
For chestnut, blue component light more and more red light radiation higher energy than those spectrum. In addition to using filters outside illuminance and adjust the exposure time can also provide assistance to food safety management.
Consumers want an “honest” light environment, people are willing to come back happily purchase (wan) was (shua), not only because of the quality of products and fresh, but also because there is a light environment. Make the product look better than it itself, this policy can only bring you light short-lived profits.
Since different products have different material, so lighting the way also need to be distinguished. Now is the most used metal halide, high pressure sodium (Really? It may be because they are more bakeries, but very fake ah sodium light color) and LED, fluorescent lamps are used as an additional showcase shelves and additional lighting. (Annotation: In China, before to promote fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps is currently based lighting and supermarket frozen food counters and pantry row of the main force, part of the lamp has been replaced with LED accent lighting and area of ​​fruits and vegetables commonly used metal halide lamp. section has been replaced by LED products, basic sodium will not be used.)
LED Fresh Light can be divided into LED Fresh Tube Light, Fresh LED Track Light, Fresh LED High Bay Light, etc
Achieved by blending technology unparalleled lighting effects, effectively improve the fresh food area to attract the customer, in order to attract customers and stimulate consumption.
The Product feature of 30W white Cover Color Hanging Focus LED High Fresh Light:
1, High efficiency, no flash, less energy consumption, working with the accurate constant current, AC85-265V wide input voltage.
2, Good lighting, directional luminescence, no dazzling .There are no UV / infrared in the spectrum, less heat, the food will not damage or metamorphic when exposure.LED fresh ligth is belog to kinds of typicalenergy-saving and environmental light source.
3, With remote dimmable function, alterable CCT, to choose the right color temperature depend on the client.
4, Long life span, generally 30000-50000hours life span.
5, Safety, less than 50 degree centigrade for the light surface, avoid Scald hands, fireproof.
6.CRI> 90, bright colors, light color natural, realistic effect;
7.low heat radiation, non-infrared and ultraviolet light, effectively extending the shelf life of fresh food
8.Light green is the “color of life” gives a sense of a vibrant, the performance of students, Machine abundant nature, used for fresh fruits and vegetables sector areas

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  • 15W 35W LED Fresh light

    15W 35W LED Fresh light product feature:
    1>High efficiency,no flash,less energy consumption,working with the accurate constant current,AC85-265V wide input voltage.
    2>Good lighting,directional luminescence,no dazzling.There are no UV/infrared in the spectrum,less heat,the food will not damage or metamorphic when exposure.
    3>LED fresh ligth is belog to kinds of typicalenergy-saving and environmental light source.
    4>High efficiency power supply,AC85-265V input,PF>0.95
    5>Accordant the lighting and optical design for the international.
    6>Long life span、generally 30000-50000hours life span.
    7>Safety,less than 50 degree centigrade for the light surface,avoid Scald hands,fireproof.

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