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Light Sources

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  • 4ft led shop light sling rope mounted integrated LED light modern pendant lighting

    . LED Utility shop lights provide high performance, long life and energy savings in a simple,linkable to every length.
    . The corded electric LED Shop light makes the installation very easy and hassle-free. Simply choose your preferred location for the shop light, hang it up and insert the plug to light it on.
    . LED Utility Shop lights are ideal for garages, workshops, industrial workstation, storage rooms, equipment rooms and other close task and large area lighting requirements.
    . High lumen output and a kelvin temperature of 3000K / 4000K / 5000K, you are guaranteed to get the best possible lighting for your needs. 50,000 hours of lifetime guarantees no maintenance hassle.

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  • 7W Multi-functional LED bulb LED Night Light USB rechargeable Bulb

    This Rechargeable LED bulb can be used as a flash light or as a regular bulb that doubles as an emergency light.Whether used at home or taken with you when camping, this is a handy product that does not require batteries and provides bright crisp light when you need it most.This product can be turned on easily during a power outage, and is constantly charging while in socket. It has an easy to use AC/DC and Off button, and uses as little as 7 watts to operate.

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  • G23 GX23 G24 E27 E14 LED Plug Lamp LED plug lights

    Easy install, can be installed by nonprofessional personnel
    Attractive designs,elegant appearance
    Energy-saving products, environment friendly,
    No noise, no flickering, mercury free
    Instant on, no warm up time required
    Directly replace traditional G12 halogen lamps, No UV and IR

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  • High Lumen Dimmable LED R7S replacing linear tungsten halogen lamp

    (1) Energy saving, environmental and high brightness; it saves about 65% power, comparing to the traditional halogen and incandescent lights.
    (2) Instant start, no glare light, no noise and frequent flash.
    (3) No effect from radio interference.
    (4) No UV, no infrared and no thermal effects.
    (5) Simple and fashionable appearance, elegant and never tarnishing.
    (6) Stable Driver and High Efficiency,up to 90lm/w.
    (7) It can be used to replace 15~120W Tradtional Lamp

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  • Home decoration LED filament bulb

    1.Energy save up 90%,high brightness.
    2.Input voltage:AC85-265V,no electrical wave,CE.
    3.Instant start,No flickering,No humming.
    4.New high efficiency constant current driver.
    5.Special circuit design,avoiding the single broken LED influence problem.
    6.Unleaded,green environment protection.

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  • Multi Functional Portable LED Lamp rechargeable led emergency light circuits

    1. high quality patch LED particles, 2835 lamp 20, more than CRI80, the brightness of 220lm soft light without glare. 6000-6500K color temperature, color temperature can be changed according to the requirements of customers
    2. the use of die casting aluminum radiator, making the heat dissipation, high thermal conductivity, effectively improve the light source life.
    3. the use of 220mm,2600mAh,320mm,4000mAh battery, improve the endurance.
    4 .can be carried, used in the field, in the car, dormitory and emergency needs of all places.

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  • T8 led LED 2′ Utility Shop Light sling rope mounted LED working lights

    This fully assembled, dual LED utility light delivers high lumens, requires no lamps to replace and lasts up to 50,000 hours. It instantly improves the space by lighting the walls and lighting the volume of space with more natural light. The stylish LED Shoplight is constructed of a metal housing with decorative plastic end caps and a pull chain for easy on/off operation. Perfect for hanging or flush mount installation. Ideal for use in workshops, utility rooms, and garages.

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