Emergency Lights

Emergency Lights

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  • Emergency exit sign board emergency Led Exit Lights

    •The system automatically charge and discharge every 30days and one year.
    •Buzzer will alarm when the lamp failure.
    •Energy-saving and environment-friendly.
    •LED light source.
    •IC control circuit,stable performance.
    •Made of high quality aluminum material,pleasing in appearance.
    •Independent core technology,patent certificate.
    •Imported fire retardant materials,oxygen index accords with national standard.
    •Fire safety.

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  • Head battery backup PC Thermoplastic ABS Material rechargeable LED fire emergency lights

    Iron housing material, constant current charge.
    Anti-corrosion, distortion prevention,Wall mounted.
    Nickel Cadmium Battery or Sealed Lead-Acid Battery.
    Over-charge and over discharge protected.
    Precise control of battery charging process.
    Completely self-contained emergency light operation.
    Easy to maintain, convenient to operate, Safe and reliable.

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