Emergency exit sign board emergency Led Exit Lights

•The system automatically charge and discharge every 30days and one year.
•Buzzer will alarm when the lamp failure.
•Energy-saving and environment-friendly.
•LED light source.
•IC control circuit,stable performance.
•Made of high quality aluminum material,pleasing in appearance.
•Independent core technology,patent certificate.
•Imported fire retardant materials,oxygen index accords with national standard.
•Fire safety.



The specification of Emergency exit sign board emergency Led Exit Lights:

Description: Led emergency lights
Main body material: Aluminum+Acrylic
Light source: LED
Illuminate: front lit/whole body lit
Power source: AC110V, AC220V
Operating power: DC12V
Consume: vary depending on the type of LED and size of the letters.
LED lifetime: >50,000 Hrs
Working temperature: -40°C~80°C
Average lifetime without any errors: >5,000 Hrs
Suited for: Outdoor or Indoor, waterproof, windproof
Supplied with: Voltage converter, installation instruction
Package: single letter covered with bubble wrap, wooden case with Styrofoam. Also may be packed per the customer requirements
Material:8mm transparent acrylic sheet
Dimension: 480(w) x 160(h)mm
Package:1pc/ Bubble bag, 60 pcs put into an outer box.
Dimension of the outer box:47cm*44cm*32cm

The detail of Emergency exit sign board emergency Led Exit Lights:
Detail of Emergency exit sign board emergency Led Exit Lights1
Fire escape signs
The led illuminated emergency fire exit sign is incredibly energy efficient. With a rated of some 50,000 hours the high performance LED’S are “fit & forget” devices. Operating on low voltage DC, the electronic driver can be positioned up to 4meters from the fitting or concealed behind the sign in an accessible location.
arket research show illuminated signs have 30% more impact than non-illuminated signs , led sign standoff is a prefect” fit and forget” device that is incredibly energy efficient.
Project led sign standoff supports panels 5-10mm acrylic and combined with tactile and Braille engraving provides, illuminated enhancement for signs and conforming to the disability discrimination Act.
5050 smd led strip lights turning around the aluminum stand, with rated life of 50,000 hours available in a range of color and switchable RGB version of engraved /vacant sign.

Feature points:
1. Easily Assembling
Every sign led standoff only need 1 screw, to assemble a sign board with our led sign standoff, No other clamps, self adhesive vinyl needed.
2.. Gluing for IP67 rated, well suited for indoor and outdoor use.
The led sign standoff driver is finished with gluing, IP67rated, well suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
3. Economy design
Due to the simply design, the led sign standoff will highly reduce the cost of the luminous sign.
4, Easily maintenance
Because of the simple design, in case there is any broken acrylic panel or if you want to change the acrylic panel after long time use, you just need to take off the Aluminum screw, changing an other acrylic panel and put the screw on again.

The driver must be positioned in an accessible location no more than 1.5m from the led.
The sign comprises a silver anodized aluminium 25mm square Sign block, flush wall or ceiling mounted , supporting an 8mm thick clear acrylic panel with laser etched and infilled graphics, complete with a minimum 3 hour battery backup.
The fadvantage of Emergency exit sign board emergency Led Exit Lights:
1.Indication function: the light Installed in public places, Used In Dispersing Crowds, in normal lighting situation or in case of power failure, it can Continuous lighting and indicate the direction.
2. Power Failure: when emergency power shut off, the light will Continuous lighting for 90-180 minutes.
3. It has overcharge protecting control circuit for extending battery life.
4. Light source: led light source, long life of 50000hr,low electricity consume
5. Material: the light use acrylic crystal plate, has good light performance carving pattern, has strong third dimensional sense. High quality silver oxidized aluminum, make the light hard to rust.
We could change into other pattern pictures according to your need.
Detail of Emergency exit sign board emergency Led Exit Lights2
LED exit sign boards serve an important function in places that are usually crowded or frequented by individuals whose safety features on the top of the list for any commercial establishment. Investing in a high quality LED emergency exit board is where this pursuit begins.
Companies more often than not forget how crucial these boards are. With brands like Sunwind making it simple and easy to pick and choose high performance lights, the process just got simpler.
eledfactory’s LED exit sign come with the strong stamp of approval from Australia’s SAA. This is a huge deal considering how the market is flooded with cheap duplicates and fakes. Second, these lights have changeable diffusers which are again a point that is noteworthy. Having changeable diffusers not only helps facilitate customization but, also gives the user more options.
While there are other branded emergency exit boards to choose from, one aspect which is often ignored and overlooked is the fact that no matter how efficient an exit board is, as long as it does not have a fireproof shield, it is not of much use. This concern too is addressed in the Eledfactory emergency exit LED sign boards. The sign has a fireproof PC body which makes it virtually indestructible.
The high temperature battery ensures longevity and consistent performance.
Emergency exit boards are more that general fixtures that are in place just because of a regulation. These are lights that have the potential to save and safeguard the lives of many. In a situation that is grossly dominated by stress and panic, not having the right direction can be a nightmare. This is where Eledfactory LED emergency exit sign boards come into play.
Detail of Emergency exit sign board emergency Led Exit Lights

The Emergency exit sign board emergency Led Exit Lights Application:
Stations, airports, terminals, hospitals, shopping malls and other public places of diversion, guiding signs, emergency evacuation guide the identification, public transport station brand etc.

Additional information

Voltage (V)

AC220V or AC110V


front lit/whole body lit


vary depending on the type of LED and size of the letters.

Main body material



R-Charging; G-Power; Y-Trouble


Anti-fire board