6W 12W 18W Round Glass LED Panel Lights

Energy saving, saving 50% than the traditional lights at the same brightness.
High efficiency(95%) heat protection system, with the latest high efficiency and constant current driver.
Professional circuit design, each LED can work separately.,avoiding the influence caused by a broken single LED.
No harm to human body, Anti-electric wave,no RF interference.


For the 6W 12W 18W Round Glass LED Panel Lights:
The market leading LED flat panel is a kind of top grade indoor lighting .
Make you enjoy your life in comfortable LED lighting.

The specification for 6W 12W 18W Round Glass LED Panel Lights:

Name 6W Round Glass
LED Panel light
12W Round Glass
LED Panel light
18W Round Glass
LED Panel light
led Chip 2835
LED Quantity 30PCS 60PCS 90PCS
 material Die-cast aluminum + + PS diffusion light guide plate
Dimensions Φ100*40 Φ160*40 Φ200*40
Drive type Isolated constant current drive
Cut-Out Φ75 Φ120 Φ160
Input voltage 85-240V 85-240V 85-240V
Input voltage Driver Isolated constant current drive
CRI(RA) 80 80 80
wattage 6W 12W 18W
Lumen 480lm 960lm 1280lm
CCT 3000k/4000k/6000k 3000k/4000k/6000k 3000k/4000k/6000k

The Material & Characteristics for 6W 12W 18W Round Glass LED Panel Lights:
1. Great lighting source:

It adopts super bright SMD2835 type led as its illuminant. The chip of led is of high quality and more bigger size, 11*28,14*28 or 17*34 mil chip for different type. It can resist higher anti-static and distribute more brightness.

2. Low light attenuation:
On the back of led containing cooling stand, thermometric integrated, easy for heat dissipation, can effectively guarantee the leds long-term stability and reduce the light decay, less than 3% @3000h.

3. Special design of frame, LGP, diffusion plate:

The anodized aluminum frame is stylish and fashionable with everlasting color. It can cool very well with high thermal conductivity.
Using the imported high-quality Light Guiding Plate(LGP). The front panel board is excellent optical PS diffusion plate, which ensures the light even, soft and high transmittance.
4.  Shine way:
Lighting from the side edge, with the bright, clean, even lighting, soft and non-glare surface.

5. More durable & robust:
It can light up to 10 years, comes with 2 years guarantee time.

6. Installation Methods

a. Ceiling recessing(built-in)    b. Ceiling mounting    c. Ceiling suspending(lifting)

7.Materials:Aluminim+Glass Products housing made by our private mould.
Spring:Good Flexibility,accurate bending angel,durable,hard to damage,using safety.
LED :EPISTAR 2835SMD LED chip light from back not side.

The color temperature for 6W 12W 18W Round Glass LED Panel Lights:



The compare for the Energy saving,Brightness,Lifes span for 6W 12W 18W Round Glass LED Panel Lights:

LED lamp energy saving 93% more than Incandescent lamp,70% more than Energy saving lamp;
Same wattage,LED lamp 2.5 times brightness than Energy saving lamp,7 times than Incandescent lamp;
Life span,LED lamp 10 times long than Energy saving lamp,25 times than Incandescent lamp.